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Radon Fan Installation


The bane of many homeowners, radon is a radioactive gas produced by the breakdown of uranium embedded in soil. While percolating from the ground to the atmosphere, radon enters the house through fissures and openings in the foundation, and any other perforations near to the ground. Well water is also a conduit for the gas. It never, however, exits the home by the same access points. In fact, radon remains in the house, accumulating in concentration. Although it is undetectable by the senses, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Testing for the gas is crucial for good health, as is radon fan installation.

Radon fan installation is the principal task when constructing a home radon mitigation system. A living space in which the gas is non-threatening has a typical count of 1pCi/L, i.e. one picocurie of radium per liter of oxygen. While the actual threshold for hazard is not specific, most experts contend that 10pCi/L calls for immediate radon fan installation. Smokers are advised to consider radon fan installation at even lower levels. A radon vent pipe and a sump basin also compose the mitigation system. Radon fan installation, therefore, must be carefully performed with the integrity of these constituent parts in mind.

The radon fan is engineered to exert negative pressure on radon rising beneath the foundation, forcing it away from the house and into the atmosphere. Because many soils have high moisture content, the fan is outfitted to operate in wet conditions. As radon fan installation must be removed from the living area – often outside, the fan is ordinarily housed in a casing that can weather the violence of the elements. Consumers should select energy-efficient fans, since they must run continuously. When contemplating radon fan installation, homeowners can be assured that the fans are quiet.



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Radon Fan Installation Nashua New Hampshire



Prior to selecting a model for radon fan installation, consumers should consider the following:


The area occupied by the house, in square footage, affecting the cost of radon fan installation


The radon level determined by an alpha-track detector or an electronic radon monitor


The soil conditions beneath the house, e.g. clay, sand or gravel, which affects the urgency of radon fan installation


The sort of drainage system on the property, affecting the manner of radon fan installation


These are important variables in radon fan installation that will determine the size of the fan and the ratio of suction to air flow.

Radon fan installation is presented by a number of challenges. A larger basement will require more pipe than those of more modest dimensions. Finished basements can be more costly to outfit because pipe must be hidden. Similarly, the number of crawlspaces can add to or subtract from the price tag of radon fan installation. The configuration of piping can be tricky for those concerned with both the effectiveness of the radon fan installation and its appearance. Furthermore, local building codes and state regulations govern radon fan installation and all that goes with it. Placement, measurements, drilling and insertions are all subject to inspection. This is important when deciding between DIY radon fan installation or using a service.





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